The Invention of Handheld Touch-Typing


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Yahoo and Ivanka Trump chose Alphagrip from a pool of more than 10,000 contestants to be a finalist in the Yahoo Ultimate Connection Contest, and was announced a winner by popular vote

“I’ve had an AlphaGrip about 2 months now and won’t go back to a Qwerty keyboard. My office now has no desk, just sofas and chairs with the image from my laptop projected onto the wall...”
— Gabriel E.
“I’m just over half a year with my grip, and we’re INSEPARABLE. I don’t even notice it anymore; the thing feels so natural in my hands. Thanks for a great product! BTW, I’m at 61 WPM.”
— Hans R.
“I bought my AlphaGrip about a year and two months ago, and I haven’t stopped using it ever since! … At work and at others’ computers, I now feel awkward *not* using the Grip, since the upright hand position is just so natural and intuitive to me now.”
— Alexander S.
“I found myself reaching for my alphagrip at work all last week when it wasn’t there (I left it at home over the weekend). I am definitely hooked on my Alphagrip.”
— Doug S.

Out of Stock BUT Coming Soon...

Given the overwhelmingly positive support, pent up demand, and excellent feedback, we've decided to design the next generation AlphaGrip. Our vision is a wireless, programmable AlphaGrip that can be split into two units. It will give you the ability to connect not only to computers for the ultimate ergonomic experience, but also attach to multiple devices (i.e. SmartPhones, Tablets, Virtual and Augmented Reality devices) to truly enable mobile computing. 

To fund the development and production of the next-gen AlphaGrip, we plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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