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Quick Start

Click on the Cheat Sheet to see a graphic of the letters, numbers and symbols on the back of AlphaGrip's iGrip keyboard. Just print the page and tape it to your computer, your monitor or wherever you like to help you locate the letters without having to turn over your Grip.

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Gaming Support

Windows Remaps for Enhancing Your AlphaGrip Experience

There are several applications available on the AlphaGrip website that will change your iGrip's functionality. Depending upon your computing needs, they could enhance your AlphaGrip experience. Click on any of the links below for a complete description and to download the application. 

Please note, these applications only work on Windows computers. 

  • The Andersen TrackballBooster increases trackball speed.

  • Andersen Remap 1.1 reorganizes the character configuration of the iGrip, reducing the load on the thumb keys by placing all characters on the finger keys. It also adds Ctrl and Alt functionality to the right side of the AG-5.

  • The Ctrl-Alt Duplicator adds Control and Alt functionality to the Enter and Back Space buttons.

  • The Krueger Linux USB Keymapper is an AutoHotkey alternative for Linux users. If you have any problems or questions, please see the USBHOTKEY Support Page.

  • Shift Duplicators offers two Shift Duplicator scripts. One that gives Shift functionality to the Print Screen button and another that allows the user to generate Shift+Click commands by using the Tab key.

  • The Spanish Remap allows users to easily generate letters and punctuation commonly used in the Spanish language.

  • The Yaarg Remap reorganizes the character configuration of the AlphaGrip, reducing the load on the thumb keys by placing all characters on the finger keys. While similar to the Andersen Remap, Yaarg also offers; an easy to reconfigure AutoHotkey script, Mousewheel simulation, no chording, simple Cut and Paste features, and locking shift keys.


For more remapping information, please see the remapping section of the AlphaGrip Wiki at