“I’ve had an AlphaGrip about 2 months now and won’t go back to a Qwerty keyboard. My office now has no desk, just sofas and chairs with the image from my laptop projected onto the wall...”
— Gabriel E.
“I’m just over half a year with my grip, and we’re INSEPARABLE. I don’t even notice it anymore; the thing feels so natural in my hands. Thanks for a great product! BTW, I’m at 61 WPM.”
— Hans R.
“I bought my AlphaGrip about a year and two months ago, and I haven’t stopped using it ever since! … At work and at others’ computers, I now feel awkward *not* using the Grip, since the upright hand position is just so natural and intuitive to me now.”
— Alexander S.
“I found myself reaching for my alphagrip at work all last week when it wasn’t there (I left it at home over the weekend). I am definitely hooked on my Alphagrip.”
— Doug S.