The world's most ergonomic, high-speed keyboard and trackball for work and play on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, from any location in any position.

You can lean back and relax while watching your favorite TV show, so why can't you work or play on your computer just as comfortably?  You can with an AlphaGrip.

You can type and enter data quickly and comfortably for hours at a time, work on spreadsheets, design graphics, or play desktop quality games on a laptop, so why can't you do the same from any location in any position on a smartphone?  You can with an AlphaGrip.

The AlphaGrip looks and feels like a game controller, but has all the functionality of a full-size keyboard and mouse. It enables high-speed, desk-free typing, coding, designing, data entry, remote control, and gaming.  AlphaGrip combines the 10-finger, touch-typing capabilities of a keyboard with the freedom and versatility of a game controller.  Plus, its built-in trackball enables effortless pointer control without taking your hand off the keys and reaching out to the side to use a mouse .  Now you can work or game while leaning back from your desk, relaxing in a recliner, lying in bed, riding in car, bus, train or plane, or even while standing or walking.

The secret to the next gen AlphaGrip's high-speed capabilities are the multiple key clusters on the back, which enable 30 single-finger/single-press keystrokes on full-size keys without looking down at your fingers.  Easily type 60+ words per minute, which translates to an average of 300+ keystrokes per minute.

Harness the power of the AlphaGrip for healthy, productive, anywhere computing.